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Australian Koala


This dimensional Art decoupage is handmade using furring technique to bring koala alive.

The prints are from Fine Art USA high quality. This is re-creation of original art work by Michael Bartlett with added twist by Valentina Jarrett

I created Bamboo leaves around and take picture look really good. The wooden frame is natural colour colour.  

The Koala is in shadow box, because 4.5 cm depth.

It took many hours to create a fur effect and one month to finish it.  This picture has high quality UV museum glass, which helps to preserve the colours of the art from ultra-violet rays.

It is not allowed to use any chemical on glass to clean it.

On the back on the frame there is UV glass label.

This Dimensional Art Decoupage is handmade using furring, mix techniques & materials.

Prints are from quality print suppliers.

The wooden Frame is handmade in shadow box. This picture has high quality UV museum glass

Size including frame:

Width: 32 cm

Height:  40 cm

Depth:  6 cm

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