Lillic Tulips
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Lilac & Tulips


This Dimensional Art Decoupage is handmade & is one of a kind.

The prints are from Fine Art USA high quality. This is re-creation of original art work by Vivian Flasch.

In back ground I used mix -media acrylic paints.  An extra 3D butterflies added.  This pictures was in 3 exhibitions for display only and now It is time to depart from my price& glory.  I am moving to smaller property.

The superb wooden brass colour Frame is handmade in shadow box. This picture has high quality UV museum glass

It took 8 months to complete the work which is equivalent to 1000 working hours to create this stunning first dimensional art. This picture contains 2973 individual lilac flowers.

Size including frame:

Width:56 cm


Depth: 6 cm



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